A Space For Notes

Saturday 25 August 2012

I've been meaning to get round to this for quite some time. I'm starting a 'notes' section here, which I'm going to use to post bits and pieces - interesting scraps of information I find that don't make it into articles I write, short reflections, thoughts, and any other miscellaneous ramblings, missives, screeds.

I've long needed a space for this, but for some reason I've never made it happen. How frequently I will post I'm not sure, but certainly the intention is to make it quite regular and habitual. I think it will help with the writing process and will also allow me to document things that often end up forgotten somewhere: the little scribbles and quotes and descriptions I often jot down, which at the time seem important, but before long end up gathering dust in the ever-growing pile of notebooks that clutter up my flat.

So here we are. notes.rjgallagher.co.uk. Born on a rainy day in August, 2012.


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